Last weekend, I went to the beach and I noticed seaweed had interesting shapes. This gave me an idea.

I used the seaweed’s natural shape as a guide to try and give it life and form. So here’s a test that I decided to give a try!

This is the funnest thing! I love the way you incorporated the seaweed for inspiration. I might have to take some inspiration from this, also.

Mermaid Kariel

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A majestic rare albino whale shark graces the ocean

Sometimes, Nature puts on a show that leaves Man awestruck. And these spectacular displays by two denizens of the deep left all who saw them beguiled by their grace and beauty. Divers were stunned by the sight of a 33ft albino whale shark as it glided through the waters off the coast of Darwin, an island in the Galapagos group. (Full Story)

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